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All right. CommunionConnection family. Well, we’ve made it through another week and it’s Sunday again. I’m so glad to be here with you. I hope your week has been blessed. Hey, did you enjoy that interview I had with James and Letha Turner last week? I sure hope you did. I know I loved spending time with them, not only in the interview, but then the time we had a church later that morning. What a powerful word they preached.

Hey, this is the week for fall festival. If you live here in the Evansville area, I’d like to encourage you, if you take it a little bit too much of that food from the food trucks, from all those booths, you can stop in and see Ariel there in sunshine juice. They’ll be just right in the midst of all the carnival. You can stop in and get a refreshing juice duck out from the crowds. Hopefully there’ll be such a big crowd in there that will only be a slight relief. At least you’ll have temperature control and the beautiful smiling face waiting to serve you some organic juice. Maybe you can try that Crazy8 I was talking about.

All right, so this week I thought we would tackle the idea of the love feast. The love feast is brought up in Jude 1: 12. What Jude is actually saying is pretty negative because he is chastising the people that are coming to the love feast but acting in a very unloving way, in a very ungodly way. But it brings up this idea of a love feast, the agape feast which was supposed to be about believers coming together and loving each other. Even though the word love feast isn’t used. We see the same thing in first Corinthians 11. Paul is talking about when you come together and eat, he’s basically talking about the people that come and take way more than their fair share of the food. Even though they could potentially eat at home and they were leaving the poor among them, unable to eat.

As you know, I talked the one week out of, out of Acts 2 where it says they were continually devoting themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship to the breaking of bread and to prayer. And we talked about the breaking of bread and, and how that causes there to be a, the presence of the Lord. How the breaking of bread was in relationship to the presence of the Lord. What I want to talk about is this idea of fellowship, this idea of eating together and love feasts.

So I’m gonna talk about something that, that hopefully going to be some new revelation for you, but it’s going to be surrounding this word, oxytocin. Oxy, what OxyClean isn’t that stuff that that guy yells about on those commercials on TV. No, this isn’t OxyClean. This is oxytocin and oxytocin is a powerful thing that our body makes for us. And it is something that helps create connectedness. So I’ve been learning about oxytocin this week as an example. Something people might be able to understand, mothers when they are pregnant with their babies create massive amounts of oxytocin. It helps them connect to the baby. It creates that connectedness feeling. Another time that a lot of oxytocin is released is when a mother nurses her baby and it just further creates that release of oxytocin to help you feel connected so I started wondering if what other types of situations oxytocin was released and so I went looking for some articles about does eating food release oxytocin and the general feeling that you get when you eat food doesn’t necessarily release it.

It can release endorphins but they said two different situations surrounding food does cause a release of oxytocin. The one is when you chew your food very slowly and actually enjoy it, that can cause a release of it and the other time is when you are eating this food with friends. Pretty amazing. Turns out this love feast thing that God instituted and and had come about in the fellowship of believers has a way of causing us to feel connectedness to bond with one another. You know, it says in the scripture, do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together as some are in the habit of doing. When we keep ourselves apart from others, we don’t have a chance to have this release of oxytocin, which is something that helps us feel connected. And let’s face it, how many people are out there desperate, trying to feel connected?

Well, when we come together and we meet in fellowship, and especially when we eat a meal together, there’s a release of this oxytocin, by the way. Incidentally, another great way to release oxytocin is from hugs. So who knew? When you say, I need a hug, what that actually does is release that oxytocin in your body and that has a way of fighting depression. It can speed healing. And of course, just simply feeling connected to other believers and of course can be so important as well with spouses and children. So I just wanted to share that with you guys. So this idea of let’s come together, let’s eat meals together. Of course, so many people, there’s been so many jokes over the years about the fact that whenever Christians get together, there’s food involved. It could be even have negative connotations like we eat too much, but no, we’re just following God’s plan for connecting with each other.

So hopefully that helps you feel a little better. I’ll leave you with that. Now, this idea of the love feast also is not the same as communion, although as I studied it out, I did see that often the two would come together. Either they would have their love feast and then they would have a communion, or later on it said they begin to have the community first and then they would go into having the love fee. So it’s not a replacement for that, more of an addition to, and it’s a way for us to communion. The breaking of the bread is a connection with the Lord and this love feast becomes a way for us to connect with each other.

So with that, I’m going to go ahead and read communion for this week. I pray that you have your, your bread and your cup and we’ll go ahead and read from first Corinthians 1123 through 26 where it says for I received from the Lord that which I also delivered to you, that the Lord Jesus and the night which he was betrayed, took bread. And when he had given thanks, he broke it and said, this is my body, which is for you. Do this in remembrance of me. Lord, we thank you that in your infinite wisdom you knew that if we would come together, if we would have fellowship, if we would eat together, Lord, that you would release in us a chemical that would help us to feel connected to each other, that would help fight depression, that would cause there to just be this feeling of well being in our life. Lord. So I just thank you that from the foundation of the earth, you were thinking of ways to help us, Lord, to help overcome the curse and all it comes with it or it’s, you’re so good to us. You’re such a good, good Father. We know that all good and perfect gifts come down from you. Let’s take the bread.

In the same way he took the cup also after supper saying, this cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this as often as you drink it in remembrance of me for as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes. Thank you King Jesus, that you spilled your blood. You made a way for us to even become a family through your broken body and your spilled blood. You caused there to be a body, a family, a building or do you made of all the people of the earth, of the Jew and the Gentile. One new man is thank you that we can come together and celebrate you through communion and that we can come together and draw close to each other through fellowship and through to taking of the meal. Thank you for all you are and all do for us. Your precious name. I pray. Amen. Let’s take the cup my beloved.

One more week of communion.

I pray that if you have sickness in your body that week by week, taking communion is, is causing healing to flowing you. I pray that revelation is coming for things that are hindering you in your life. I pray that for those who maybe have never really thought they heard the Lord’s voice, that that you’re experiencing hearing from God, having impressions from God, maybe dreams have increased for you. I pray that this experience of taking communion regularly is just causing your walk with the Lord to be deeper. Listen we sure would appreciate it if you would download our podcasts, join us and follow us, and I’m going to let Ashton take us out. God bless.

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